Unlimited fun at Avalon Resort

At Avalon Resort & SPA***** Superior Hotel, relaxation and fun go hand in hand. We offer fun activities for children and adults alike, including electric go-kart rides, exciting video games, a huge playhouse and a variety of crafts. You are guaranteed to find the perfect way to unwind in our hotel!

Fun for the whole family

Fun and unforgettable experiences await you and your family at Avalon Resort. We make sure that every minute of your stay with us is a real treat, with a wide selection of fun and adventures to ensure that all ages have the best time. We also provide free childcare, so parents can enjoy relaxation and a range of wellness services in complete peace of mind.

A theme park that’s really for the whole family: exciting activities for everyone

Maya Play Park:

the outdoor play park, covering 2,500 square metres, offers fun activities, super slides and climbing and jumping elements.

Maya Jungle Playhouse:

400 square metres of indoor playground with toys guaranteed to satisfy children’s need for exercise. Interactive climbing walls, LED ball pools, racing slides and trampolines ensure a variety of fun.

programs led by qualified animators:

craft activities, creative exercises, logic games, morning gymnastics, evening storytelling and gastro workshops help to develop creativity and maximise fun.

Resort Games Room and Console Room:

craft, sports and creative activities for young and old, as well as video games, ensure that everyone finds something to do. For children under 3 years old, there are Sazpa Montessori Skills© programs for educational fun.

Console room

Get into the exciting and immersive world of video games in our console room, where you can pit your skills against friends or family and experience the unforgettable gaming experience of Xbox Series S, PS5 and Nintendo consoles.

HELL Kart Gokart

adrenaline-pumping go-kart races for those who love speed and competition. At Avalon Resort, kids and adults alike can have a go on our karting racetrack.