Console room

Console room: timeless fun for all ages

Immerse yourself in the exciting universe of video games in the well-equipped console room at Avalon Resort! Enjoy the perfect harmony of relaxing recreation and immersive entertainment with your friends or family in our console room!

Children and adults are welcome in our console room

The world of video games offers unique experiences for children and adults alike. Our console room is sure to have the right games to suit everyone’s tastes! Sit down for a thrilling video game in our console room and test your skills against your friends or family!

Xbox Series S: a series of brilliant video games

Xbox Series S is not just a console, it’s an experience!

The console room offers a real gaming paradise: action, adventure and sports games.

The games available cover the needs of all ages, so children and adults alike can enjoy the first-class, comfortable gaming experience of Xbox Series S.

PlayStation 5: lifelike graphics and unique technology

The PlayStation 5 console’s high graphics and sophisticated technology deliver a compelling experience for all gamers. In video games played on the PS5, details and colours appear so vividly on screen that the virtual world comes alive before your eyes.

Nintendo: the portable console

Nintendo guarantees a truly memorable and unique gaming experience through portability and creativity! Nintendo consoles offer a wide range of games: fun and educational for children and exciting and challenging video games for adults.

Want to try our console games?

For assistance with console games, ask our playhouse animators who are happy to help! Experience a creative and interactive gaming experience in the console room at Avalon Resort!