Vino Salone

Vino Salone

The Avalon Resort’s unique and impressive wine bar, Vino Salone, offers wine lovers a truly exclusive experience! The Vino Salone is not just a wine bar, but a place where centuries of wine tradition meets modern luxury. 200 different types of excellent wines and sparkling wines (approximately 2500 bottles) from 13 countries from 5 continents of the world await you.

Wine tasting, presentations and interactive activities

Thematic tastings: travel with us to different parts of the world with the finest wines! Discover the unique characters of each wine region and the characteristics of the different grape varieties during wine tastings!

Guest lectures: experienced guest lecturers will introduce you to the characteristics of each wine region, the grape varieties and tell you about the hidden stories behind the flavorful wines.

Interactive programs: a special casino-style wine-tasting session where players can taste delicious wines with our sommelier colleagues and then test their skills in a game.

Unique interior design concepts in the wine salon

Vino Salone’s interiors are not only a feast for the eyes, but also for comfort and sophistication. Every detail is carefully designed to offer visitors an unforgettable and exclusive experience. In the wine salon, we can provide a temperature-controlled environment for the drinks, so that our guests can also enjoy the benefits of bottle ageing.

Opening hours

The Vino Salone is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 15:00 to 23:00!