Massages and treatments

The unique wellness services at Avalon Resort & SPA***** Superior Hotel create total harmony of body and soul.

With our special massages and rejuvenating facials, guests can embark on a journey where everyday stress and fatigue disappear, replaced by calm, freshness and inner peace. Indulge in luxury and pampering with our refreshing massages! Let our professional masseurs ensure you get the most out of relaxation and regeneration with outstanding expertise and attention. With individual or couples massages lasting 30-90 minutes, you can experience the highest levels of relaxation: we offer a wide range of stress-relieving, energising, hydrating and soothing treatments!

Pampering and refreshing massages

Enjoy a unique experience of facial, foot, back and body massages that offer both physical and mental refreshment! Explore a world of special massages including lava stone body massage, firming treatments, Turkish rituals, mud soap massage and chocolate massage, all of which will open up a new dimension of total relaxation for you.

SKEYNDOR, a unique technology

SKEYNDOR is a comprehensive skin care system designed for different skin problems and needs. Featuring innovative formulations and technologies, its treatments are at the forefront of anti-aging, revitalizing and anti-wrinkle treatments! The Avalon Resort & SPA***** Superior is the first hotel in Hungary to have its own MEGAN professional cosmetic machine, a unique way to provide our guests with the highest level of skincare experience.

SKEYNDOR treatments

Lifting and firming treatment: redefines, firms and lifts the face, reduces mimic wrinkles, and also enhances elastin production.

Wrinkle-filling treatment: fills in wrinkles, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and increases collagen synthesis.

Anti-aging treatment: detoxifies the skin, fades pigmentation spots and improves the appearance of skin blemishes caused by sun damage.

Lightening and treatment of the eye areas: energises and refreshes the areas around the eyes, has an antioxidant effect, brightens the skin and enhances radiance.

Pore tightening treatment: cleanses and tightens pores, smoothes and mattifies the skin and helps regulate sebum production.