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Vino Salone

VINO SALONE, where you can taste the various wine and champagne specialities of the world in a luxurious environment!

Avalon’s latest novelty is the recently-opened Vino Salone where staying guests are taken to a journey to the wine regions of thirteen countries in five continents. Our exclusive wine cellar offers a venue for thematic wine-tasting events where, from time to time, experts are invited to present the characteristics of the various wine regions, the qualities of the different grape varieties and the peculiarities of each delightful juice.

Since we are committed to drinking quality wine and promoting the same, an assortment of nearly 200 types of wine and champagne (roughly 2,500 bottles) awaits guests in Vino Salone. Whether it is a Franciacorta, a Champagne or an excellent wine from Hungary or any other part of the world, it is of utmost importance for us to offer each guest a drink that will impress them.

In this wine bank representing high standards also with respect to its interior architectural design, we ensure a temperature-controlled environment necessary for the storage of drinks, as a result, guests can enjoy the positive impacts of maturation in bottles. When, in the market, you can no longer put your fingers on certain excellent vintage wines produced either in Hungary or abroad, you can still find a few bottles here if you are lucky. This is another initiative intended to put Miskolc and the Avalon Park on the map of wine lovers and wine experts. We try to cover all the regions of the world through the wines presented here for tasting, including, naturally, the best ones of Hungary as well. Based on their extensive knowledge, our experts will help you in selecting the ideal bottle that best suits the occasion. 


Explore the most excellent wine regions of Hungary and the world while spending your holidays at Avalon Resort!


Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday:

12 p.m. – 11 p.m.

For further information on our programmes, contact the receptionist of the hotel or the sommelier of Avalon Ristorante!

Katalin Egri: 06-20/508-3844