Gastronomy – culinary delights

Avalon Resort & SPA***** Superior offers guests exclusive gastronomic experiences! Dining let us take you on a special dining journey: our master chefs create unique dishes through a harmonious interplay of flavours, colours and textures. We put the passion and commitment into every meal, which is why we pay meticulous attention to detail in the Avalon Resort restaurants, using only the highest quality ingredients and premium beverages.

Award-winning restaurants and delicious dishes

Our restaurants’ kitchens are veritable workshops where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. From classic dishes to unique culinary specialities, you’ll find it all at Avalon Resort! We are proud that our restaurants are among the TOP100 in Hungary and Avalon Ristorante has been awarded a Michelin plate two years in a row in 2022 and 2023! We are fully committed to always serve our guests the highest quality of fabulous dishes.

Superior gastronomic experiences

Avalon Ristorante: with its family atmosphere and authentic Italian cuisine, it is sure to impress. As a rural restaurant, it was one of the first in Hungary to be awarded a Michelin plate.

The Club Avalon: a meeting point of relaxed atmosphere and amazing flavours, where classic dishes, international cuisine and street food create an exciting combination.

Vino Salone: an exclusive wine salon where you can discover hundreds of wines from 5 continents in a unique setting.

Bars: the hotel’s bars offer a wide selection of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Our experienced bartenders ensure that every drink is a truly special experience.


Avalon Resort & SPA***** Superior is proud to present its exclusive gourmet restaurant where elegance meets exceptional flavours.

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The Club Avalon

The Avalon Resort & SPA*****’s superior restaurant is where casual and relaxed ambience meets refined gastronomy.

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Lobby bar

Avalon Resort’s Lobby Bar offers premium drinks: an exclusive setting, a sophisticated atmosphere and a relaxing ambience!

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Vino Salone

The Avalon Resort’s unique and impressive wine bar, Vino Salone, offers wine lovers a truly exclusive experience!

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Pool bars

Enjoy the hot summer days in the pool bars of Avalon Resort with a special cocktail or refreshing drink in hand!

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