Electric car charging station - Avalon Resort & SPA

Electric car charging station

In the park there are several parking facilities for our guests arriving by car. One of these is the underground garage, where, thanks to Mercedes-Benz and with the assist of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ, 5 electric chargers - one 22 kV Wallbox and four eBox chargers - have been installed in the spirit of environmental awareness. Thus, 6 electric charging devices – in total - are provided in the park where electric cars can be charged.

The electric car charging stations are available for use by our guests for extra fee during their stay. Avalon Park would like to provide another exclusive service for visitors with electric-powered car from all over the country.

We kindly ask our guests to monitor the required charging time of the vehicles and to use the electric charging station parking space only for the period until their car is fully charged. Therefore others can enjoy the benefits of this service as well.