The Club Avalon

The Club Avalon

The Avalon Resort & SPA*****’s superior restaurant is where casual and relaxed ambience meets refined gastronomy. We have created a special restaurant, where classic dishes, street food and unique international gastronomic wonders offer an exclusive experience! Premium ingredients, high quality service and a pleasant atmosphere await you!

From classics to gastronomic specialities

At The Club Avalon, variety is a priority: dining becomes a true culinary experience. Our kitchen artists, Gábor Szepesi Corporate Chef and Tamás Gönczi Head Chef, dazzle guests with creative and mouth-watering dishes that not only indulge the taste buds, but also invite you on a true gastronomic journey. A light Caesar salad, traditional goulash soup, Asian broth, perfectly grilled cauliflower steaks, hearty burgers and BBQ pork side dish all sit side by side on the menu.

Our show kitchen

The show kitchen is prominently featured in the restaurant, giving guests an unrivalled gastronomic experience for all the senses, where flavours, aromas and visual elements intertwine. Each course is a real story, reflecting the passion and creativity of the chefs.

Opening hours

The restaurant is open every day from 11:00 – 21:00! Please make reservations by calling 06 46 200 242 or by e-mailing