The Club Avalon - Avalon Resort & SPA

The Club Avalon

A casual and relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed at the Avalon Resort & SPA's ***** Superior Restaurant. It reopened in 2023 with a new identity and gastronomic offer. However, there are dishes such as chicken wings and pork ribs that cannot be replaced on the menu, as promised by the chefs. They proved that there are many exciting ways to prepare chicken legs.
In addition to their signature dishes such as Caesar salad and goulash soup, the menu also includes a variety of richly flavoured dishes such as Asian broth or grilled cauliflower steak, their most popular street food, THE CLUB burger and BBQ pork ribs with classic 'lecsó'.

The open kitchen has a prominent place in the design of the dining area,, so that guests can enjoy a true 4D experience (smell, sight, taste, touch).

The identity of the kitchen is defined by the leading and creative chefs Gyula Albók and Gábor Szepesi, under whose guidance the Park's other gastronomic unit, the Avalon Ristorante, has been awarded a 'Michelin Plate' recommendation.

Another fine restaurant in the heart of Bükk is The Club, Avalon.

Opening hours:

11:00 - 21:00

Telephone: 06 46 200 242