Avalon Resort & SPA***** Superior is proud to present its exclusive gourmet restaurant where elegance meets exceptional flavours. Avalon Ristorante will immediately impress its guests with its unique interior design, creating a space for authentic Italian experiences. The restaurant’s family atmosphere and impeccable service contribute to making every moment memorable. The attentiveness of the staff and the premium quality of the restaurant guarantee a real culinary journey!

For lovers of traditional Italian cuisine

The Avalon Ristorante is not just a restaurant, it is a true culinary experience that reveals the exciting and mouth-watering secrets of traditional Italian cuisine! The restaurant was awarded the Michelin Plate by the Michelin Guide critics in 2022 and 2023, and is one of the first restaurants in Hungary to be awarded this distinction in a rural setting. The Ristorante’s excellence is confirmed by the fact that it has been awarded several times at European and national level.

For lovers of traditional Italian cuisine

The chefs of Avalon Ristorante – Gábor Szepesi Corporate Chef and Tamás Gönczi Head Chef – are masters of sophisticated flavours and rich textures. The dishes are made only and exclusively with quality ingredients and practically exceed the expectations of gourmet restaurants!

Antipasti dishes

that evoke the amazing flavours of Italy.

Grilled steak specialities

with masterly meats from all over the world.

Oven-baked pizzas

made in the world’s most modern Morello Forni oven, light and airy in the Neapolitan tradition.

Pasta dishes

each bite of which opens up a new dimension.

Dessert specialities

the artistic creations of head pastry chef János Lazányi, which create a truly sweet finale at the end of the meal.