Maya Play Park/Maya Jungle Playhouse - Avalon Resort & SPA

Maya Play Park/Maya Jungle Playhouse

Avalon Park provides plenty of opportunities for the entertainment of even the youngest children at a 2,500-square-meter, unique play park with a “Mayan design”. The various dexterity, climbing, jumping elements and slides provide an excellent, safe, and diverse pastime for children who have a great need for exercise. From 25th June 2020 a 400 square meters indoor playhouse awaits families! 

The themed, jungle-like playground adapts to the children's play needs with unique equipment and a play structure that will be installed for the first time in Hungary, such as the interactive climbing wall, the LED ball pool, the competition slides or the interactive trampoline. Games and movement play a key role in children’s development at all ages. The game elements of the Maya Jungle Playhouse have been developed to suit the needs of the little ones, so they are perfectly fitted and can satisfy it to the maximum. During the games, they can test and improve their reaction time, speed, and they even race with each other in a playful way.
The Maya Play Park also provides a wide range of seasonal children’s events (Easter, Children’s Day, Halloween, St. Nicholas Day) for visitors aged 0-99 years. Animators in the playground provide an interesting and enjoyable program for the children. For children, one of the most anticipated days of the year is their birthday, which can also be celebrated in the birthday room of our playhouse or in our outdoor play park. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose from several birthday rooms in different colours, in case of large number of people, our rooms can be rented together for the celebration! This allows the little ones to enjoy the expanding gaming experience every day of the year, regardless of the weather, so their cloudless happiness is guaranteed even in cloudy weather!


Opening hours:

Maya Play Park/Maya Jungle Playhouse: every day 10:00 - 19:00

Telelephone number: +36-46/200-244

After the opening hours the Resort's child guests can still enjoy the exciting programmes under the supervision of our professional Animators in the Maya Jungle Playhouse from 7.30 PM.