Sauna programs

Resort SPA
every day
11:00Citrus infusion
16:00Invigorating and refreshing sauna massage*Beer infusionVitality sauna*Beer infusionBeauty sauna*Beer infusion
19:00Honey and brandy infusion

Our sauna seances last 15 minutes, during which cold water is poured over the lava stones that provide the warmth of the Finnish sauna, mixed with honey, beer or brandy.

*Our sauna seances consist of three 15-minute blocks. During the program, a sauna master will take care of the relaxation and personalized ventilation of the hot air. Various body treatments enhance the sauna experience. In the first block, the dead skin is exfoliated, followed by a skin re-conditioning session and finally a hydration session. All our body treatments are made from natural materials!

Invigorating and Refreshing Sauna program

  • Argan oil-citrus salt peeling
  • Apple and Greek yogurt treatment
  • Ice-mint hydration

Vitality sauna program

  • Citrus-salt peeling
  • Sweet-honey nourishing
  • Icy chills 

Beauty sauna program

  • Rosewater-sugar exfoliation
  • Pineapple-yogurt nourishment
  • Lavender-olive hydrating