Saunas - Avalon Resort & SPA


Salt Chamber:

A salt chamber cure has a beneficial effect on coughing, asthma, hay fever, sleeping disorders, allergies, atopic dermatitis and other organic diseases. Apart from rapidly improving the symptoms of the diseases, the positive effect of the salt vapor air can be witnessed for months after the treatment and thus a salt chamber cure can also play a significant role in prevention.

Organic Sauna:

The organic sauna is a kind of thermo-therapy treatment which cures with the power of thermal energy and takes effect through heat. The 40-50-degree Celsius temperature creates a pleasant sense of heat which poses no burden for the body. Its effect is heightened with various volatile substances and a range of lights which have different effects on the body and the soul with some lights stimulating and others relaxing the body.

Finnish Sauna:

Our wellness facility features two saunas, one of which is an outdoor, log sauna on the edge of the forest with a plunging pool with 15 degrees Celsius water. Finnish saunas are the most common types of saunas in Europe - the refreshing effect of sweating in the sauna is provided by the high temperatures (80-90 degrees Celsius) and the low humidity content. While using a sauna, blood vessels expand and contract, thus increasing the body's resistance and stimulating the detoxifying process. It also has a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system, as well as granting the skin a silky sheen, comforting the mind and facilitating sleep.

The experience of using a sauna can be made more exciting by rubbing crushed ice on the body when coming out of the sauna, dousing the body with water poured from a vat or using a special shower to enhance the effect.

Infra sauna:

The infra sauna is recommended for a range of symptoms, beauty conditions and health issues. The infra rays penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, warming up the body and yielding a deeper effect. It is also a superb way of treating various diseases, such as muscular and articular illnesses, sporting injuries, back, spine and limb pain, heart and circulatory diseases and allergic conditions.

Aroma steam chamber:

The environment in a steam chamber is entirely different from a sauna - it is a sweat chamber which has a comforting and revitalizing effect as well as improving health and enhancing the beauty of the skin. It's most effective when used between temperatures of 43-46 degrees Celsius at 80-100 percent humidity.