!QMS Treatments - Avalon Resort & SPA

!QMS Treatments

Rejuvenating !QMS treatment at the Avalon Resort & SPA

The world-class !QMS treatment which has changed previous skin rejuvenating practices is now available at the Avalon Resort & SPA. Come and sample our unique, pain-free and rejuvenating aesthetic medicine treatment, !QMS.

Among the wellness hotels in Hungary, the Avalon Resort & SPA is the first to expand its services with the pain-free skin-firming treatment which does not cause skin injury and which was developed by Dr Erich Schulte. Based on medical science procedures, the collagen restoration process restores the skin's healthy condition and flexibility. Natural collagen, which ensures young, healthy skin, is manually introduced into the deeper layers, facilitating the fading of lines, highlighting tones and the hydration of the skin as well as treating rosacea, pigment blotches, acne-prone skin and cellulite. During the relaxing experience of the treatment, the guest's healthy, young skin is restored on their face or, uniquely, even on their décolletage and the back of the hands.