!QMS Treatments

Rejuvenating !QMS treatment at the Avalon Resort & SPA

The world-class !QMS treatment which has changed previous skin rejuvenating practices is now available at the Avalon Resort & SPA. Come and sample our unique, pain-free and rejuvenating aesthetic medicine treatment, !QMS.

Among the wellness hotels in Hungary, the Avalon Resort & SPA is the first to expand its services with the pain-free skin-firming treatment which does not cause skin injury and which was developed by Dr Erich Schulte. Based on medical science procedures, the collagen restoration process restores the skin's healthy condition and flexibility. Natural collagen, which ensures young, healthy skin, is manually introduced into the deeper layers, facilitating the fading of lines, highlighting tones and the hydration of the skin as well as treating rosacea, pigment blotches, acne-prone skin and cellulite. During the relaxing experience of the treatment, the guest's healthy, young skin is restored on their face or, uniquely, even on their décolletage and the back of the hands.

Activator treatment:

The process energizes the skin and initiates the formation of cells, restoring exhausted skin. It regenerates the patient, providing them with fresh skin full of life, tightening the skin and initiating self-recovery processes. The treatment can be optionally supplemented with a décolletage firming procedure.

90 minutes – 29,800 HUF (with décolletage firming: 47,800 HUF)

Restorative treatment for sensitive skin:

A product containing soothing, anti-inflammatory active agents is used during the treatment, which helps regenerate, hydrate and tighten the skin. The treatment is identical to the Activator treatment, yet with products which have a composition appropriate to sensitive skin.

90 minutes – 29,800 HUF

NeoTissudermie treatment: :

A treatment particularly recommended for mature (45+) and furrowed skin, which counters the signs of aging. During the treatment, the wrinkles are filled and the skin is smoothed to a condition appropriate to the patient's biological age. We stimulate the reformation of cells and restore the skin's flexibility, replenishing the stores of dampness while simultaneously initiating the skin's self-curative processes.

90 minutes – 59,900 HUF

Oxygen therapy treatment:

The collagen-based, hyaluronic acid treatment is supplemented by a 95% oxygen boost, which greatly facilitates the skin's regeneration. The treatment tightens the skin and yields fresh and deeply hydrated skin. The treatment provides a solution for treating deep wrinkles (for example, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes), or optionally for pigment blotches, rosacea symptoms and dull skin exposed to smoke.

90 minutes – 48,200 HUF

Skin renewing deluxe treatment with Ion SkinEqualizer firming serum:

A luxury firming treatment with the widely renowned Ion SkinEqualizer cream and serum products which won awards in 2014. During the treatment, the active agent is introduced into the deeper layers, thus hydrating and filling up the skin's collagen stocks and tightening the skin.

90 minutes – 120,900 HUF

Stem cell deluxe treatment for men:

A treatment for mature men over 40 during which stem cells are introduced into the deeper skin layers, recharging, hydrating and regenerating the skin. A pleasant, relaxing, skin-firming treatment.

90 minutes – 69,900 HUF