Grill & Gourmet Casual Restaurant - Avalon Resort & SPA

Grill & Gourmet Casual Restaurant

The traditional, yet still modern Grill & Gourmet Casual Restaurant provides a wealth of fine dining experiences. Its range of dishes on offer includes meat and vegetables grilled over a wooden fire, dishes on skewers, fried wieners and sausages, as well as unique hot-dogs and hamburgers. Guests can also sample a number of true specialties, including Avalon sirloin, tender goose liver, and orange duck legs which provides guests with a dining experience standing up to all possible demands.

The range of drinks on offer includes special beers, including sour cherry, wheat, Czech brown and black beer. Apart from the wide range of beer on offer, the drink list also features Hungarian wines and fresh lemonade.

The building is pleasing for guests since instead of setting itself apart from the wonderful natural surroundings, it seems to blend in seamlessly with the backdrop. The display kitchen created on the terrace of the Grill & Gourmet Casual Restaurant features a combination of fragrances, sumptuous flavors, drinks and exceptional surroundings to provide a truly unique experience.

Opening hours:

10:00 - 22:00 every day

Telephone: 06 46 200 242