The world of Spanish wines

Vino Salone
2024. 08. 16.
- 2024. 08. 18.
Let’s wander together through the vineyards of Spain on the weekend of August 16th to 18th.

During the tasting, we will explore the special selections of Spanish wine regions through sparkling wines, white wines, and red wines.

What can be expected ?

At our wine tasting, we will explore three of Spain’s main wine regions: Penedès, Rioja, and Ribera del Duero.

The price of the wine tasting is 12,900 HUF /person + 15% service charge, which includes Floe Water and small bites during the tasting.

If you have any questions regarding the wine tasting, our colleagues are available to assist you at the phone number +36 20 478 6440 or via email at