Sauvignon Blanc wine tasting

Vino Salone
2024. 08. 09.
- 2024. 08. 11.
Spend a special weekend seasoned with a wine tasting at Vino Salone!

Explore the diverse expressions of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety at our upcoming wine tasting event.

During our program, you’ll get answers to the following questions:

Would you like to know why New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is considered exceptional?

Are you curious about which wine regions within Europe this grape variety is present in?

Where in Hungary is Sauvignon Blanc wine produced?

The price of the wine tasting is 12,900 HUF/person+15% service charge, which includes Floe Water and small bites during the tasting.

If you have any questions regarding the wine tasting, our colleagues are available to assist you at +36 20 478 6440 or via email at