Rácz Jenő at Avalon!

Avalon Ristorante
2024. 07. 27.
Michelin-starred chef at Avalon!

Prepare for a magical evening on July 27, 2024! On this day, guests can enjoy the creations of an exceptional Michelin-starred Hungarian chef and the chefs of Avalon Ristorante.

This evening will be more than just a dinner – it will be a culinary journey where the rainbow of flavors will dazzle your senses!

  • French Butter, Sourdough Bread (by Avalon) (gluten, lactose, nuts, peanuts)
  • Amuse Bouche (by Avalon) (gluten, lactose, nuts, peanuts, celery)
  • Duck Liver, Apple, Brioche (by Avalon) (gluten, nuts, peanuts, eggs, lactose)
  • Free-Range Chicken Breast, Barley, Parsley, Pecorino Romano (by Jenő Rácz) (gluten, lactose, nuts, peanuts, celery, sulfur dioxide)
  • Bahia Praline, Hazelnut, Salted Punch Ice Cream (by Jenő Rácz) (gluten, lactose, eggs, nuts, peanuts)

Advance registration and table reservation are required for the dinner!

Price: 45,000 HUF per person + 15% service charge.*

*The price is not included in the room reservation, it can be booked as an extra service.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive culinary experience, which could be the perfect highlight of your stay!